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The 1229 Treaty between Smolensk, Riga and Gotland (version A)

Introduction and Encoding

This document contains an electronic text edition of version A of the 1229 Trade and Peace Treaty of Mstislav Davidovi^c of Smolensk between Riga and Gotland on the one hand and Smolensk on the other. 

The edition is based on the facsimile in Sumnikova and Lopatin (1963). In the notes all commentaries in the edition of Sumnikova and Lopatin (1963: 20-25) are included and all deviations from the edition (mainly regarding punctuation marks) are mentioned. Observations in the edition by Obnorskij and Barxudarov (19522: 44-50) are also taken into account. Following Sumnikova and Lopatin, the trema (two points occuring frequently above syllable-initial vowel letters) is left out in the electronic edition. The notation of the trema by Obnorskij and Barxudarov is unreliable.

The facsimile is available in JPEG format: front side (871KB), back side (231KB).

Click here to read the German translation by Goetz (1916: 232-293).

The electronic edition is incorporated in TITUS (Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien) and is available in two encodings:

The notes are only available in the Unicode / UTF-8 version. Click here to view Unicode text and notes in frames.


A comprehensive list of older publications can be found in Sumnikova and Lopation (1963: 137-138).